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When singer Solange Igoa and guitarist/songwriter Andrea Walker met at an open mic in Long Beach, CA, neither knew that Walker’s sly invitation to “come over and play each other some songs” would result in a new band, a life on the road, and eventually a wedding.

Formed in fall 2012, Glitterfox began making a name for themselves performing at friends’ house parties and backyard gatherings around Long Beach, CA. The duo became known for their folksy Americana vibe that harkened back to Walker’s upbringing in North Carolina and Virginia.

Everything changed for Glitterfox when they were selected to compete in Buskerfest, one of SoCal’s largest and longest-running battle-of-the-bands competitions dubbed “the holy grail of Long Beach music.” Competing against a field of much more established bands, the night ended in a landslide victory for long shots Glitterfox that few could have seen coming.

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